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Why You Should Hire the Forman Law Firm.


Never confuse efforts with results.  We are a results-oriented firm, as a positive result is the only way we get paid when we work on a pure contingency fee. Efforts alone won’t get you a cup of coffee, it won’t keep your doors open, and it won’t equate to hundreds of satisfied clients. We proudly make our living by providing results for our clients.  We are frequently asked to provide examples of our results, and we do upon request. While we would love to publish the results we have obtained for our clients on this website, Comment #4 to Rule 7.02 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct severely restricts any such publication of results. These rules and commentary state that advertising which even accurately reports a lawyer’s achievements for former clients “may be misleading if presented so as to lead a reasonable person to form an unjustified expectation” of similar results. While many other attorneys and firms may choose to ignore these ethical constraints by touting their results in an effort to attract you as a client, we choose to strictly abide by the ethics rules. We provide the results of our hard work, experience, and successes happily, but only upon request. We believe the results we have achieved for our clients through settlement, litigation, and arbitration are substantial, and demonstrate our past success on behalf of our clients. To receive a list of these successful outcomes, please click here, or call our office directly.


We work for you, not vice versa.  When we are hired, we are representing an individual in a very stressful, risky, and often expensive process that is anything but certain, and understanding the client’s specific “win” and their specific risks is as important as anything in the case. Not every client’s case needs a “hammer”; sometimes they need a scalpel, and sometimes they need a diplomat. Understanding when to use the hammer, and when to be a peacemaker can often mean the difference in a satisfied client, or poor result.


It is a choice.  Doing the correct and ethical thing when no one is looking. The practice of law is a profession, and in Texas we have a “Lawyer’s Creed-A Mandate for Professionalism” and it is worth a read, and we follow it.  We have found that behaving with integrity in front of the arbitrators, judges, jurors, and the opponents produces the best results. We have also witnessed attorneys behave unethically before the fact finder and quickly lose the case for their clients.


Most every lawyer doing what we do for over 30 years can argue and as they say is “good on their feet.” What produces the best result in every case is preparation, often countless hours of preparation.  We begin preparing the case when we get hired, and we continue preparing until the case is over.

Victims of Investment Fraud or Broker Misconduct.

The Forman Law Firm deploys its skills and resources to help investors try and recover losses stemming from unsuitable investment advice and other misconduct occurring in an investment transaction.  These type of cases represent the overwhelming majority of our work.  We are not a firm that routinely provides legal services outside of this area.  We enjoy representing the investor against the investment firm, investment broker, and investment adviser, and we believe we achieve excellent results for our clients.   We believe that you should hire a lawyer that routinely handles the type of case that you may have, and not a generalist.  See our list of firms and advisors we have dealt with in our practice.

Brokers and Advisers in Employment or Regulatory Matters.

When we choose to represent brokers or advisers it is most often when our client needs advise related to his/her employment.  Sometimes it is on the front-end, and we help the broker negotiate a favorable employment or independent contractor agreement for them or for the brokers/advisers they intend to hire, and sometimes it is on the back-end, when tensions are high and careers hang in the balance.  Having a significant career in the industry as owner, general counsel, CEO, and participant in the regulatory process is a significant advantage.  Having an attorney that is experienced in all aspects of FINRA arbitration (as well as other forums) can mean the difference between success and failure.

In either scenario, we only take cases where we can make a difference and believe we can achieve the result wanted by the client.  

Client Reviews
Bryan Forman helped me through the turmoil of an investment advisor taking my family’s money. I was depressed and they gave me hope. They helped me recover some of the money taken from me. Bryan and his assistant Melody Bounds helped me with other concerns in my life and I am grateful. They kept me informed every step of the way and I highly recommend their firm. Nancy
Down to earth, personal, professional attention
Bryan and his assistant Melody could not have been more kind, compassionate and attentive. They explained everything that would be happening and were always available. My family is extremely grateful for the way they handled our legal issue. I would highly recommend them for your investment and securities issues.
I hired Bryan to help me with an issue with a financial institution. Bryan and his assistant Melody Bounds were professional and personal while resolving my situation. Bryan's experience and expertise were crucial in the positive outcome. Both he and Melody spent long hours researching and preparing my case. There was excellent communication during the process and they always kept me informed on the current events in my case. They treated me like family and not just a client. I would highly recommend Bryan Forman to represent anyone that needs legal representation regarding possible malpractice regarding investment fraud. Bryan will listen sincerely to your situation and give you his honest opinion on the validity of your case. John
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