Why Hire the Forman Law Firm, P.C.

The Forman Law Firm deploys its skills and resources to help investors try and recover losses stemming from unsuitable investment advice and other misconduct occurring in an investment transaction.  These type of cases represent the overwhelming majority of our work.  We are not a firm that routinely provides legal services outside of this area.  We enjoy representing the investor against the investment firm, investment broker, and investment adviser, and we believe we achieve excellent results for our clients.   We believe that you should hire a lawyer that routinely handles the type of case that you may have, and not a generalist. 

We are frequently asked to provide examples of our results, and we do upon request. While we would love to publish the results we have obtained for our clients on this website, Comment #4 to Rule 7.02 of the Texas Disciplinary Rules of Professional Conduct severely restricts any such publication of results. These rules and commentary state that advertising which even accurately reports a lawyer’s achievements for former clients “may be misleading if presented so as to lead a reasonable person to form an unjustified expectation” of similar results. While many other attorneys and firms may choose to ignore these ethical constraints by touting their results in an effort to attract you as a client, we choose to strictly abide by the ethics rules. We provide the results of our hard work, experience, and successes happily, but only upon request.

Potential clients of the Forman Law Firm, P.C. must ask to have examples of our results and past successes sent to you. We believe the results we have achieved for our clients through settlement, litigation, and arbitration are substantial, and demonstrate our past success on behalf of our clients. To receive a list of these successful outcomes, please click here, or call our office directly.