In 2016 my wife and I had a substantial amount of money stolen out of our retirement fund. A hacker intercepted my email messages that were between my financial advisor and me and somehow was able to change the messages and was enabled to get into our account and transfer the majority of our savings to a Wells Fargo account. I have never had an account at Wells Fargo. This was so devastating to my wife and I. We did not know what to do as we had recently retired and moved to Tyler, Texas. The financial institution that our account was with refused to replace our money and Wells Fargo refused to talk with us because our name was not on the account in which our money was transferred.

In searching for an attorney, I saw Bryan Forman’s information and decided that, with his experience, Mr. Forman may be the best lawyer for our situation. That was one of the best decisions we had ever made. Bryan and Melody, his claims analyst, were friendly, easy to talk with, and sincerely concerned about our situation.

Mr. Forman immediately went to work on my case. He always communicated with me and kept me informed of what the situation was at the time and shared with me as the process continued what he thought was the best ‘next step’. He was never pushy, but with the utmost integrity and information helped guide me to make the right choices.

I am happy to say that through the hard work, caring attitude, and professional experience, Mr. Forman recovered all that we had lost. This included his fees as well. We were made ‘whole’ again financially.

We were fortunate and grateful to have found an attorney that not only has the expertise, but wisdom and graciousness that Bryan Forman has. Of course, we highly recommend Mr. Forman and his team. We hope no one has to face a situation like ours, but we also understand and know that this is happening to many people.

- Dr. R. Davison

Bryan Forman helped me through the turmoil of an investment advisor taking my family’s money. I was depressed and they gave me hope. They helped me recover some of the money taken from me. Bryan and his assistant Melody Bounds helped me with other concerns in my life and I am grateful. They kept me informed every step of the way and I highly recommend their firm.

- Nancy

The Forman Law Firm, PC represented my wife and me in a mediation with our former retirement account manager, who completely mismanaged our account and lost a significant portion of it in an investment scheme which never should have been used for a retirement account.  Mr. Forman is an outstanding attorney who made sure that we understood what he was doing at every step of the mediation and made us very comfortable with our decision to have him handle the case for us.  At one point, it appeared to us that our mediation was going to end without a settlement, but Mr. Forman persisted in working with the opposing attorney to achieve a settlement without proceeding to arbitration.  We were very pleased with our experience with the Forman Law Firm.  We would give it a superior rating and recommend it to anyone needing its representation.

- Don

After spending more than one year searching for a lawyer to take a stock broker fraud case for my sister and me, a friend recommended a lawyer who referred us to Forman Law Firm in Tyler, TX.  We had presented our story to four "big city" law firms which seemed interested at first. After one and a half years of answering questions, supplying documents, and countless email correspondences, the outcome was always the same and came after months of back and forth time-consuming communications –  

  • "Sorry, I have just been swamped, and I don't think we can help you, Good luck."
  • "Our calendar is literally full for the next several months.  We are not in a position to take on many new cases on a full contingency."
  • "Stock broker fraud is not really one of my areas of expertise."
  • "I don't really take cases like this but I know someone who does."

 Bryan Forman met with us shortly after we contacted him. He and his assistant, Melody Bounds, spent almost a full working day listening to our complaints and accepted our case the same day. Mr. Forman took the time to explain what a dangerous mine field the bond market environment could be. What we thought of as dull, conservative, safe investments were being sold in many cases by less than honorable brokers.

 Bryan was very effective in handling of our case. He had an exceptional understanding of the various individuals involved in a dispute such as ours because he had actually been employed in nearly all the disciplines one would encounter in stock broker fraud litigation. I've never seen anyone who could crawl inside the head of an adversary and "think like they did". His uncanny ability to read people surely paid off for us. With Bryan Forman as our attorney, we were able to realize an award almost four times larger than what statistics showed was the average settlement considering the dollar amount of our damages and the size of the organization we were up against.

- Steve

We lost a large percentage of our life savings due to both ineptitude and outright fraud by a major financial institution. After suffering through an event like that, it’s hard to trust anyone, and I spent a lot of time trying to find an attorney who was honest, earnest and competent. Honestly, the only firm I found I felt good about was Bryan, and he and Melody took on our case. Of course it’s standard to have a settlement be restricted by a non-disclosure so I can’t reveal details. But suffice to say that large financial institutions are not in the habit of awarding restitution at anywhere near actual losses, and our case was no exception- their original offer was on the order of 2% of our actual losses. In arbitration, Bryan shot down virtually every single challenge they made to our account of what had happened , and ultimately won us an award reasonably close to our actual losses (that ws after, not before, his fee!0. And if you don’t think this is stunning, you do not know how badly the odds are stacked in their favor. More importantly than the amount of the settlement, is that Bryan and Melody have allowed us to move on with our lives.

- Eric

Dear Bryan,
I just wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put in to achieve a very favorable settlement in my case.  In my opinion, I could not have hired a better attorney to represent me.  When I first met you I was sure of your character and work ethics.  It's easy to get to know you and talk to you and thats what I liked about you more than anything.  You were totally honest with me and you pegged what my case was worth right from the start.  Your negotiating skills were outstanding.  I was really concerned when the other side came back to us with an insulting low offer to settle the case.  But you were able to move them upward to almost 8 times over where they started.  That required some tough negotiations and you came through like a champ.  This is the only law suit I have ever filed in my life but I was truly taken advantage of by an unscrupulous stock broker who should have been in jail in my opinion.  Since I am retired, the amount of settlement you helped us recover meant alot to me and my wife.  Thanks again for caring about us and fighting so hard to win what we deserved to get back.  I will recommend you to anyone I know that needs a good securities attorney.  I just want to also say, that it was a pleasure working with Melody, your office manager.  Everytime I called, she was very helpful and was always great about getting back to me with a quick response when needed.  I would say that true PROFESSIONALISM describes the Forman Law Firm.  Thanks again for your help and good results.  

- Larry

Help with Broker Fraud
The first meeting I had with Bryan Forman, I knew he was the one I hoped to have represent me in pursuing funds (mostly retirement). I was not able to get returned by a broker I had done business with for over 10 years. At age 70, I discovered that I had been taken for a ride. Not only could I not get to my money, I could not get any records either, nor was the broker's company or FINRA any help.

Bryan listened, and was able to explain to me exactly what the laws say, what rules and regulations are applicable, and what he could and could not do to help me recover any money. I certainly did not hide my anger since I had already been trying to deal with the broker for 2 years. Bryan, however, acknowledged my frustrations while keeping the focus on recovery of funds. I found that he was very honest in what the actual possibilities were, and I always felt that he was working for my best interest.

I cannot overemphasize how Bryan's knowledge of how a brokerage business works (he formally owned one himself) affected my case. In mediation he brought up a policy that brokerages have that even the experienced, opposing attorney didn't know about which ultimately helped my case and brought some restitution!

I always found Bryan available for consultation and I certainly appreciated his willingness to explain things to me. This was also true of his assistant, Melody Bounds.

As a result of having Bryan as my attorney, I have received some restitution with a possibility of more to come.

- Caroline

I hired Bryan to help me with an issue with a financial institution. Bryan and his assistant Melody Bounds were professional and personal while resolving my situation. Bryan's experience and expertise were crucial in the positive outcome. Both he and Melody spent long hours researching and preparing my case. There was excellent communication during the process and they always kept me informed on the current events in my case. They treated me like family and not just a client. I would highly recommend Bryan Forman to represent anyone that needs legal representation regarding possible malpractice regarding investment fraud. Bryan will listen sincerely to your situation and give you his honest opinion on the validity of your case.

- John

Down to earth, personal, professional attention
Bryan and his assistant Melody could not have been more kind, compassionate and attentive. They explained everything that would be happening and were always available. My family is extremely grateful for the way they handled our legal issue. I would highly recommend them for your investment and securities issues.

- Vicki

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