Melody Bounds, Claims Analyst, Background and Qualifications (Not An Attorney)

Melody Bounds is the Claims Analyst for the Forman Law Firm, P.C. and is not a licensed attorney, thus bringing a valuable industry specific perspective to clients' potential claims.

Melody obtained her Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice from Southwest Texas State University in 1984; however, after graduation an opportunity presented itself to enter the securities industry instead of the criminal justice field. Mrs. Bounds has spent almost 20 years of her career in various capacities in the securities industry. Her background is not restricted to any one role or capacity in the industry; rather she has broad and varied experience within the industry. She has experience in broker support, back office, compliance, and the operations side of the business. Her financial services career began in 1985 when she began working for a mutual fund company in Houston, Texas. It was there that she obtained her series 6 and 63 licenses through what was then known as the NASD, now known as FINRA. In 1987 Mrs. Bounds decided to broaden her experiences and moved from the wholesale business to the retail side, and began working for a large broker-dealer in downtown Houston. She worked for two major brokerage houses before moving to Tyler, Texas where she began working for a local, independently owned broker dealer. Working for a smaller, independent firm allowed Mrs. Bounds to gain experience in additional areas of operation and compliance. Additionally she experienced working directly with the regulatory agencies during routine audits, thereby gaining further valuable knowledge.

Several years ago, Mrs. Bounds was recruited by Forman Law Firm, P.C. to become the primary claims analyst of the firm. Joining Forman Law Firm, P.C. has allowed her to blend her securities knowledge with her passion for justice. Having worked in the industry, she understands the responsibilities a representative has to clients. Mrs. Bounds believes that brokers have a duty to their customers and is ready to hold them accountable to that duty.